I’ve Got a Little List

Released November 4, 2016 by 20th Century Fox TV Records

I’ve Got a Little List is a song from “Lois Kills Stewie” (5ACX18).

The parody song is set to the tune of “As Some Day It May Happen” from the Gilbert and Sullivan musical The Mikado  It was arranged by Ron Jones, and did not appear on the television broadcast version of the episode. (It is on the extended DVD cut.)

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Digital Single Song Producer
Dan Goldwasser

Digital Single Mixed by
Jim Fitzpatrick

Digital Single Mastered by
Erick Labson

Conducted by
Ron Jones

Recorded and Mixed by
Armin Steiner

Pro Tools Recordist:
Steve Hallmark

Supervising Music Editor:
Stan Jones

Music Editors:
Doug Lackey, Barry Moran and Todd Sheidenberger

Music Librarian:
Josef Zimmerman

Music Preparation:
Jo Ann Kane Music

Music Production and Score Supervisor:
Carol Farhat

Special Thanks to
Seth MacFarlane, Walter Murphy, Ron Jones, Chris Bartholet, Geoff Bywater, Carol Farhat, Joy Fehili, Kim Fertman, Melissa Gruhin, Ward Hake, Steve Hallmark, Stan Jones, Cathy Merenda, Kylie Potuznik, Caitlin Scott, Jeremy Summers, Kara Vallow, and Amy Wagner